Sean Pegado
Reading comic books captured my interest soon after I learned to read. Later, I began sketching my own collection of action figures and had the opportunity to tour Marvel Comics HQ in NYC, to see pencilers and inkers at work. My favorite comics are Aspen Comics and the whole Marvel Ultimate line; favorite artists are Michael Turner and Mark Bagley. As a high school student, I enjoy working behind the scenes both backstage and in the light booth with Tech Theater. I also play trumpet in Jazz Band and present positions at Model UN competitions as well as coxie with the Nichols crew team. As a writer for the Buffalo News, 'NeXT', I have covered many events, including Free Comic Book Day (a Queen City Bookstore event). My favorite flics include Lord of the Rings and Spider-Man (both). I got my first laptop computer in order to edit a cinematography project of my own. Now I am involved in Tesla, The Accumulator, playing the role of young Tesla. Stop by Queen City Bookstore over the summer and you may find me behind the counter, ready to talk movies or comics.
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